Resistance Phenotype and Genotype Database Overview

Single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and insertion-deletion events (INDELs) observed in whole genome analysis from various MalDA’s compound selections with shown antimalarial activity can be access in the phenotype and genotype database, including a list of peer-reviewed studies in which the compound was a member.

In this database, one can see the SMILES and structures of public antimalarials, the variant type, genome location, description and SNP or INDEL amino acid change from MalDAs comparative whole genome analysis. In addition, queries for a particular gene, SNP, INDEL, or other field of interest can be performed using the search box. SNP/INDEL genomic annotations are based on PlasmoDB, and linked for further inspection.

A compendium of MalDA and publicly available compounds with antimalarial activity can be found in the public database, including variants and genomic annotations as observed in Whole Genome Sequencing studies and their references. Compounds under MalDA investigation are listed in a password-protected format.

MalDA User Database

View compounds that are currently under MalDA investigation. Password-protected.

MalDA Public Database

A compendium of all MalDA and publicly-available compounds with antimalarial activity.

Explore the Research

Read through the research that has come out of the Phenotype Database work.