State-of-the-art Plasmodium-adapted technology platforms

The MALDA Consortium is an innovative target-guided discovery platform linking phenotypic hits to function for malaria. MalDA has developed a collaborative pipeline, applying multiple biomedical, biotechnological, and cheminformatic approaches to the identification of novel drug targets. By sharing resources, including expertise, knowledge, materials, and reagents, the consortium strives to eliminate the structural barriers often encountered in the drug discovery process accelerating malaria drug development.

In Vitro Selections

State-of-Art Bioinformatics / Chemoinformatics / SAR / cryoEM
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Conditional Knockdown Studies

Essentiality assays
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CRISPR-Cas9 reverse engineering

Bar coded cell lines / Overexpression lines
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Metabolomics / Lipidomics / RNA-seq

Macromolecule biosynthesis inhibitor assays
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In vivo resistance evaluation

A collaboration between Wirth Lab and GlaxoSmithKline
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