MalDA, Accelerating Malaria Drug Discovery.

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Trends in parasitology, Volume: 37, Issue: 6
June 26, 2021
Tuo Yang T, Sabine Ottilie S, Eva S Istvan ES, Karla P Godinez-Macias KP, Amanda K Lukens AK, Beatriz Baragaña B, Brice Campo B, Chris Walpole C, Jacquin C Niles JC, Kelly Chibale K, Koen J Dechering KJ, Manuel Llinás M, Marcus C S Lee MCS, Nobutaka Kato N, Susan Wyllie S, Case W McNamara CW, Francisco Javier Gamo FJ, Jeremy Burrows J, David A Fidock DA, Daniel E Goldberg DE, Ian H Gilbert IH, Dyann F Wirth DF, Elizabeth A Winzeler EA,

The Malaria Drug Accelerator (MalDA) is a consortium of 15 leading scientific laboratories. The aim of MalDA is to improve and accelerate the early antimalarial drug discovery process by identifying new, essential, druggable targets. In addition, it seeks to produce early lead inhibitors that may be advanced into drug candidates suitable for preclinical development and subsequent clinical testing in humans. By sharing resources, including expertise, knowledge, materials, and reagents, the consortium strives to eliminate the structural barriers often encountered in the drug discovery process. Here we discuss the mission of the consortium and its scientific achievements, including the identification of new chemically and biologically validated targets, as well as future scientific directions.

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine