Prioritization of Molecular Targets for Antimalarial Drug Discovery.

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ACS infectious diseases, Volume: 7, Issue: 10
October 8, 2021
Barbara Forte B, Sabine Ottilie S, Andrew Plater A, Brice Campo B, Koen J Dechering KJ, Francisco Javier Gamo FJ, Daniel E Goldberg DE, Eva S Istvan ES, Marcus Lee M, Amanda K Lukens AK, Case W McNamara CW, Jacquin C Niles JC, John Okombo J, Charisse Flerida A Pasaje CFA, Miles G Siegel MG, Dyann Wirth D, Susan Wyllie S, David A Fidock DA, Beatriz BaragaƱa B, Elizabeth A Winzeler EA, Ian H Gilbert IH

There is a shift in antimalarial drug discovery from phenotypic screening toward target-based approaches, as more potential drug targets are being validated in species. Given the high attrition rate and high cost of drug discovery, it is important to select the targets most likely to deliver progressible drug candidates. In this paper, we describe the criteria that we consider important for selecting targets for antimalarial drug discovery. We describe the analysis of a number of drug targets in the Malaria Drug Accelerator (MalDA) pipeline, which has allowed us to prioritize targets that are ready to enter the drug discovery process. This selection process has also highlighted where additional data are required to inform target progression or deprioritization of other targets. Finally, we comment on how additional drug targets may be identified.

Courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine